Why STEAMkits?

                                                                                             (   What is STEAM?:  Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths.  )

We do not sell any kits until we have tested the materials and lesson plans in a classroom setting.

Absolutely everything you need is included. We even supply a map to make sure your kit is complete.

Our kits are designed to work across many year levels. Many kits will combine to boost ROI.

We encourage every student to be a creator by leveraging the best new technologies.

Who we are.

We are teachers and scientists. We delight in creating lessons that make life easier for the teacher and impactful for the students. Our decades of combined experience ensure that the lessons you deliver will tick all the boxes. We were frustrated because it often took a lot of time to incorporate new tools into meaningful learning experiences. With STEAMkits we have set out to address this and bring you the most exciting new gear together with lesson plan support.

Project Milestones









Our services

We started by providing incursions to Western Australian schools. As our business grew we realised that we could not visit everyone. With that realisation in mind we started turning our incursions into product kits that are paired with teaching guides. We don’t just source, design and build kits, we also help you make best use of them through one-on-one training. Training can be done in person, via Skype, TeamViewer, Phone, Email, and regular mail through the post office. We want you do succeed because we are a business dedicated to a social goal: to engage and inspire students to undertake careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Now, you might wonder why we have wedged “Arts” into STEM. So here is the short answer: without creativity (including fluency in good design principles) we cannot hope to drive the innovation required in technical fields. Art and design complement STEM by reinforcing the creativity inherent in those fields.

Tailored Solutions

  • Language translation (started)
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Home Schooling support
  • Local Council partnerships
  • Youth club support

Quality Assurance

  • Our shop is trusted
  • Products are tested
  • and tested again
  • and modified if necessary
  • or removed from the project list

Serving all Students

  • Teach to the middle
  • as well as those with ILPs
  • and the Gifted and Talented
  • by providing several levels

     of meaningful engagement


Achieving Flow

  • We remove stress
  • from teaching
  • By troubleshooting our
  • content thoroughly
  • before a single kit is shipped

We are eager to start a conversation