Years of experience

Steamkits creators Wayne Savill and John Lamerand have a combined 50 years of experience in teaching and publishing. We have worked in industry and have a keen understanding of the skills and strategies required of people entering the workforce today.

Steamkits was created out of frustration, frustration with the state of science education and teachers’ professional development, and frustration with the way that resources are sourced and implemented.

With our kits we set about to address this shortfall and we will continue to expand our offering until Steamkits becomes a one-stop resource for educators and home-schooling parents alike.


Adrian Hamilton

C-Suite Manager, father of two

I wanted my kids to learn something when they’re home from school. I heard about SteamKits through LinkedIn and ten days later the first kit arrived. Given the shrieks of laughter I guess the lesson must have been fun. When I asked them what they’d learned I was blown away. Blown. Away. I’m very happy.

Mandi Smith

Pre-primary teacher in Western Australia

The Geometric Shapes Kit was right on the money. The contents are engaging and budget-friendly. I particularly liked the little surprises that keep students on their toes – it helps to sustain interest. The magnets: a genius idea – geometry becomes a game that pre-primary children love to play.

Calista Wells

Middle School Science Teacher, Victoria

Geology was always a tricky subject for me. My recollections of geology at school centered around a dusty box of rocks. Steamkits geology kit was a revelation. I had no idea that rocks could have such interesting stories to tell. I’m signing up for more kits!

Pippa Standish

Primary School Teacher, New South Wales

My students thought science was boring. They were convinced of it. That was until I brought the Senses Kit into the classroom. The result was explosive (no, not literally). That is one lesson that they will never forget. For me the highlight was hearing from a parent that their child reported “science can be fun.” Mission accomplished.

A few guideposts

This project is growing at a very fast rate; the content, the team, commercial relationships. With this in mind we think you should know what we are striving for and where we are headed in 2016.


By leveraging small scale manufacturing technology we can create and distribute valuable yet inexpensive teaching aids.


We are currently testing and tweaking kit prototypes for our first twenty kits. We’ll be releasing new products this June (2016).


Our kits are being written and translated and QR codes for extra material are being generated; aimed at a range of student abilities.


Some kits will be released in limited numbers on the first production run. So it’s worth reaching out and staying in the loop.


Our team is currently skewed towards Phys, Chem, Geology and Design. We are enrolling content creators for Biol subjects now.

3D, VR, AR, & MR

While nothing beats interacting with the real thing, 3D reproductions and visualisation products are included in many of our kits.


You are welcome to test what we are creating and though the kits may have a few rough edges you’ll have access sooner.


We have bought a lot of learning technology, and waded through it. Why? Because we know that teachers do not always have the time or finances to do this themselves.